Appcontainers/SAMBA Demo

In this demo video we walk through the makeup of the appcontainers/samba container, as well as walk through running the container using customizable environment variables to configure the Samba instance once the container is up and running.

Link to this container:
Docker Hub

Run Container:

# Run Samba container
docker run -it --name samba -h samba \
-e SMB_USER='appcontainers' \
-e SMB_PASS='password123' \

The container is built to allow several configurable variables to be passed in at runtime. The values are as follows:

SMB_USER - The username that Samba will use in order to connect to the shares.
SMB_PASS - The password of the user that Samba uses to connect to the shares.

This default values that are configured in the Dockerfile will assume the following unless overridden with -e tags

SMB_USER = samba
SMB_PASS = password


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