Mounting Storage to a CoreOS Server

In this quick tutorial we will walk through the process of assigning a newly built CoreOS server mounted storage such as a secondary disk.

1. SSH to your CoreOS server using the DHCP given IP address that is displayed on the CoreOS console.

2. Once in the Core os server, Navigate to the /mnt/ directory and create a folder that you will use to mount the storage

cd /mnt/
sudo mkdir container_storage

3. Change directories into the /etc/systemd/system directory.

cd /etc/systemd/system/

4. Create a new file called mnt-container_storage.
* the mnt-name MUST match the name of the folder created in /mnt/

cd /etc/systemd/system
sudo vim mnt-container_storage

* The following example assumes that the disk that you want mounted to /mnt/container_storage is:
** /dev/sdb1
** File System is EXT4
** Substitute these values with the actual properties of your disk.

Description = Mount for Container Storage


WantedBy =

5. Save the file and enable and start the unit file

sudo systemctl enable mnt-container_storage.mount
sudo systemctl start mnt-container_storage.mount

6. Verify that the storage is mounted

df -h

Filesystem     Size     Used     Avail     Use%     Mounted on
rootfs         28G      28M      28G       1%       /
tmpfs          993M      0       993M      0%       /dev
/dev/sdb1      30G       44M     28G        1%      /mnt/container_storage

5. Reboot the server. When the server comes back up, it should have the storage mounted.